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Sunday, July 17, 2011


So I became epically unmotivated lately, and lost internet for a while and stopped updating the blog. Oh well, I've finally found time for it again as I enjoy the last half of my summer.

Hopefully everyone else is enjoying their summers, I've been working to save up for an Orange Amp Tiny Terror Head.

I love tube amps so much and have decided its time to upgrade to one.

Still counting my pennies,


  1. whats so great about those compared to other ones? ahaha

  2. that amp looks freakin boss-style, although i'd look for a bigger one.
    my devise is either cheap or all the way, everything else is a waste
    waiting for more content!

  3. @Tortoracer, its a tube amp, meaning it uses vacuum tubes for its power. Its got a nice warm fuzzy sound compared to newer digital amps