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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've been out enjoying the weather too much lately to post any blog updates.

Normal service will resume tomorrow though.

Not to much to blag about, besides all the Kony controversy.  I don't feel like talking about that because it seems everyone I know outside the internet is obsessed with it.

Kind of scatterbrained right now, got a lot going on.

And I really can't think of much to write about.

Sleep deprived,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stop Kony

Been really busy lately, but this caught my attention.  Some of you may have seen it, some even blogged about it.

What matters is, its really important.

This could actually change the way the world is now.  At first I was a little disappointed, it takes some massive campaign like this for the West to wake up and realize what is actually happening over in Africa.

Then I realized something bigger.

The way society is right now, this video could change things.  I'll admit, I was incredibly moved by it.  I watched the whole thing and I plan to donate to it tomorrow.

The whole video is incredible, and really sums up how social media is changing revolutions and such in this modern era.

Step up, do something.  One thing leads to another, we could start here with Kony and move on to something bigger.

Kony 2012,

Saturday, March 3, 2012


The title is Latin for storm, in case you were wondering.

And man was there a storm yesterday.  I don't know how many of you experienced it, but I got some of the really heavy rain.  No tornados touched down here, but I saw a picture of a high school completely destroyed.

Took this picture before I went back home from guitar practice, rainbows are so surreal.  The whole ordeal yesterday was crazy, it was almost bright out because the cloud cover was so thin!

But that rain, that was the hardest we've had all year.  I almost hydroplaned my car coming off the dam, the tires started to spin a bit.

And now, lovely Ohio is cold again.  What a bummer.

Missing the warm weather,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great Scott

Its almost Friday!

Had no time to take any pictures today, hopefully tomorrow I can find some interesting stuff.  Also I was a little disappointed in how small the pictures were.  I'll take them off my SD card instead of uploading from my phone tomorrow.

I guess it compresses the pictures to save data over 4G.  Oh well, you got the idea anyways.  Lots of trees, mud, and open fields.

I plan to ride in the opposite direction tomorrow so we'll see what we can find.  I'll probably make it a lot farther, since I won't have to drag a mud covered bike through 3 miles of hell.  I thought I was going to die out there, that mud put up an insane amount of resistance.

Also, what are your opinions on piercings? I have both my ears pierced, and I'm thinking about getting an industrial bar. I'll try not to sound hypocritical but I hate gauges, those open holes are just nasty. Any other piercing is good with me.

Heres to the weekend,