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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I thought it was spring now. It's below freezing outside, and with spring break in two weeks its starting to get to me. I hope that we get some sun before then, because I'd rather not spend spring break stuck inside wishing I lived somewhere warm.

Obviously raccoons aren't deterred by the weather. My trash can was raided last night, luckily trash day was the day before so there wasn't much in the can.

My lucky bamboo is really starting to grow, I've got the perfect spot picked out to transplant it this summer. I might grow a mini garden around it, just to have some fresh fruit or vegetables. I tried it last year, but I had some bad seeds so maybe this bamboo will spead the luck to the plants around it.

Pining for some warm weather,


  1. I thought it was spring too.. until it went back to 20 degrees overnight. DX

  2. yeah. happened to me too. One day is sunny, the other dull and snowy. all overnight.