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Saturday, March 26, 2011


My bracket is officially dead. Was an interesting tournament this year wasn't it?

Finally picked up a new new pair of headphones since my other ones were destroyed. Got some nice Sennheisen (sp?) ones that have a 1/4" adapter that lets me plug them into my amp. Pretty cool being able to practice without disturbing everyone around me, hehehe.

Typed that English paper today, and I feel pretty proud of it. It's due Monday so maybe late next week I'll know what I got on it.

Gotta head over to a friend's house now to practice a new song we're doing, hopefully everyone's weekend is going soon.

Feeling the music,


  1. nice, how are the headphones?

  2. They're wonderful, they were $70 and worth every penny. Excellent sound quality and actually a lot more comfortable than the last pair.

  3. GREAT BLOG MAN. followed :)

  4. I love your blog! I'll be super supportive and follow along!

  5. if your bracket is not dead this year you are lying.

  6. I bought a pair of headphones with a 1/4th adapter once. Decided to play guitar late one night, so I plugged in the headphones, clicked on my Crate half stack and slammed into the solo from cemetery gates.. only to find out the head unit didn't cut power from the cabinet when headphones were on. Woke up the entire house and the neighbors.

  7. Oh wow. That was probably pretty unexpected. My little Orange crate that I use to practice on has a second 1/4 adapter specifically for headphones, I've never tried headphones in a half stack/stack.