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Sunday, March 13, 2011


This weekend has been pretty boring overall, but I can't complain. Found a few of my old Misfits CD's and have been listening to them almost nonstop. They're definitely an awesome band.
Helena is probably my favorite song by them, but they're all good.  I did finally get a pair of nice over the ear headphones for a good price, they're some JVC DJ headphones, picked them up for $40 and they're amazing for the price.

Got a few big tests next week, but with Friday being the end of the quarter I can feel summer coming faster and faster.  Also on Friday, I get to be an usher at my cousin's wedding. I'm excited for him, looking forward for getting out of town this weekend as well.

Definitely loving this weather, I rode my bike onto some path and into the middle of nowhere yesterday and just laid down to watch the sky while I listened to my iPod.  It was almost surreal being so far from any form of activity, almost like I was in a dream.

Looking forward to more nice March weather,


  1. Haven't heard the misfits is years, and I am dreading the 8 weeks between spring break and summer.