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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, I found out my lucky bamboo isn't actually bamboo today. What a shame, eh? It still looks nice, adds some color to my room haha.

Not much to write about, really. More rain so I can't work on my sword, but I've still been annoying my neighbors by playing that new Strat nice and loud.

I am looking for some new headphones though, I'd like to get  a decent pair preferably over the ears. My earbuds have been disagreeing with me lately and falling out every 5 minutes.  Suggestions are appreciated, I'm no brand freak but my budget is under $100 preferably.

Still fumbling with my headphones,


  1. A plant that looks like bamboo but isn't? Interesting!

  2. Here's the wikipedia article for it:
    It's a nice looking plant though, I might try to shape it as it grows

  3. I want a new headphone too, if you find something post here : )

  4. Anything made by Sennheiser is guaranteed good quality. If they're in your budget, I use the HD280s in the studio and for isolated listening, great isolation headphones and brilliant quality.

    Sennheiser do a range of over-the-ears for any budget, I've used a bunch and they're all good ;)

  5. Thanks, I'll have to check those out

  6. Working... on your sword? Oh god, you're a blacksmith!

  7. Haha, I wish. This is being hand carved from wood.