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Monday, March 7, 2011


Man you can really tell when its Monday can't you? I woke up and some how managed to cut my armpit on my deodorant leaving me slightly agitated for the rest of the day. At least today went fast.

Decided to do my research paper on the effect of music on today's youth, like lyrics in songs, the effect of being a musician on your grades, etc etc.

I finally found my camera cord, so here's those pictures I promised of my guitar and sword. However, the sword is pretty rough at the moment due to lack of time put in so I might work on it daily from here on out if I can and post updates everyday. Pretty much all I've done to it is shave it down to size, and make some marks on it for future cuts.

The guitar, if you didn't read the post the other day, is a Fender Lonestar Stratocaster. Its beautiful and sounds even better than it looks.

Going out to do some woodwork


  1. i play the same guitar actually, albeit a different color. its very solid for a learning guitar i think i want to get an epiphone though soon.

    also, how on earth did you cut your armpit on deoderant? lol i am in awe at how this happened though i will sympathize that cuts on the armpit are the WORST

  2. Well, the actual deodorant sort of exploded and fell onto the floor as I was putting it on, and the edge caught my arm. It was a pretty bad start to a Monday lol

  3. That sounds unfortunate. I don't know how you cut your armpit on deodorant though

  4. i love your guitar. i have a strat too