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Friday, February 3, 2012


I am sick... Again... I've been sick so much this past year, its really bothering me.  Think I have Strep this time, going to the doctor in the morning.  Other than that, nothing new really.  Slept for 13 hours today, haven't done that in a while.
The next song I'm learning on guitar is Spirit in Black by Slayer.  My band, if you can call it that, is deciding to go instrumental so if you know any good instrumental songs, any genre really, feel free to post them in the comments.



  1. Last Ride In- Greenday

    (more of a filler type instrumental I think)

    A Tear For Eddie- Ween

    Some of the best guitar work for the soothing sound.

  2. Hate being sick, hopefully some drugs do the trick and no longer will you feel ick.

  3. I've actually been really lucky lately. I haven't gotten sick in like a year, lol.

  4. Unlucky chain of events lately it seems, do not stress it though, or, try as hard not to.

  5. get well soon friend.

  6. The Aventador is a really cool car, looking forward to see what they will replace the Gallardo with.

    Hope you get well soon. :)

  7. I have been sick a lot recently too. To me...staying well is about getting more rest on a consistent basis, and not pushing yourself too hard.

  8. that is a great song by a great band, good luck!