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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Too little time

My blog posts might get shorter and shorter, but they will not stop.  I think rather than trying to fit in time to draft a post and all, I might just have 3-4 lines or more depending on how fast thoughts fly into my head.
The bane of computer gaming
I got a hold of the files for Skyrim from a friend and attempted to install them.  However my Mac Mini's insides are the equivalent of a laptop, and even when I had the Cider wrapper all configured I still had a pretty choppy game.  I might try to tweak some more, I might not.

Been really pressed for time recently,

(PS, incase you missed the one cent link thing I talked about a few days ago, my name is a hyperlink to the website.  I'd suggest everyone check it out; a penny earned is one penny you didn't have ten seconds ago)


  1. What I do when I'm pressed for time is write when I have time and then set the posts to update in intervals so I don't always have to be at my computer to post.

  2. Is that 1 cent click real? It doesn't look very legit. Looks more like a scam site.

  3. I do the same as subradar, sometimes I just write 3 or 4 posts in a row because I'm in the mood and save them for days that I haven't the mood to write.

  4. Gaming is the main reason I haven't gotten a mac. It really is.

  5. I'm finding I'm short on time these days, too.

  6. Everyone's talking about auto posting, how does it work?

  7. Ive been wanting to try Skyrim "].