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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bummer, dude.

FYI: Yes, those Altoids are insanely ginger-y.  I still prefer the Wintergreen over them but eh its whatever.

I tried to load up Steam to play some Team Fortress 2 today. That lasted for a good hour, and I got into no games.  Apparently Steam hates me, would mysteriously quit everytime I tried to join a match.

Curse you, Steam.
Anyways, I got band practice on Sunday, and supposedly the singer will be there. For those of you who don't know (aka, all of you) the singer has made it to one practice in the past two months and we practice every weekend.  Oh well, he said he was still practicing at home.

Going to -hopefully- start my Altoids tin charger project this weekend too,


  1. we only have control over ourselves... (love wintergreen altoids)

  2. I've always hated steam, since Half-life 2

  3. Ginger altoids? How is that even possible?

  4. I can never get on a game, Steam hates me too. It doesn't crash or anything, it just takes so damn long to load I give up.