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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time keeps on slippin'...

...into the future.

I really want to read that book, and do the review I promised you loyal followers but I haven't had time yet.  Don't fret I'll get to it sometime.

Thanks deviantart
Team Fortress decided to work today, so I accomplished next to nothing, all in good fun.

Anybody else ready for MW3?  I got a text from GameStop today about my preorder, hopefully the game lives up to its hype.  Maybe I'll do a few CoD themed posts, or just one, depending on how good the game is.

Ready for band practice tomorrow,


  1. I'm ready to completely ignore MW3

  2. I'm with Shaw on that.
    I'm actually going a bit farther, by being ready to ignore all of those fucking military shooters.

  3. Not interested in MW3. Or BF3 for that matter. :P

  4. Oh yeah, sexy TF2 fanart, now that's what I like!

  5. Shooting for skyrim before I pick up MW3, but I will eventually have a copy

  6. going to pick up battlefield first, might check out mw3 a bit later on

  7. Enjoy the band practice. Glad TF decided to work for you too.