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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vroom Vroom

Well, I got some exciting news at E3. There's a new Forza Horizon trailer, and man does it look good.  I'm a Forza diehard, but this just looks like a really fun game.

In other news, finals are getting ever closer. Wednesday are my first ones and I am not looking forward to them.  Even though I could literally fail every one of them and just about keep straight A's, tests are a pain to take.

Also semi-related to finals, I haven't been able to check in on anyone's blogs yet since I've been cramming.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take some time to relax and catch up on everything.

Until then,


  1. I don't recommend trying to catch up on everything. Good luck with the finals. I haven't really played Forza, I'm not huge on racing games.

  2. Welp, I thank you if you take the time to check out my blog. :>