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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick update

Alright, this is a quick update.  I might change the format of the blog a little; I've been more busy on weekends but I usually have some spare time when I get home from school so I'm thinking this'll become a weekdaily blog.

I got a few projects in the works right now that I'll try to keep updated on.
-Self built guitar, haven't started it yet (project for woodshop in school, don't expect pictures til it's finished)
-Recordings of my guitar through garageband
-Mining bitcoins

Starting Monday, this blog will be back up and running full time.


  1. You're making a guitar? That's awesome.

  2. I've built my own guitar before, it's a really rewarding experience. Good luck.

  3. Have to be very interesting to build your own guitar, I though once about it when I was going to music school but I saw on the internet the prices on the courses and weren't cheap...